Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Nagoya Univesity
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Program for Leading Graduate Schools: PhD Professional: Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia, Raising Leaders to Explore New Horizons

Course Work

Discussion Sessions

As part of the program's coursework, today's leaders from industry, government and academic fields will be invited to join discussion sessions, where they can engage in frank exchanges of opinion with Program Coordinators. These sessions present students excellent opportunities to debate with experts on relevant topics, such as the current state of Japanese society and the world surrounding it, and to realize the required competencies required of the young people set to become future world leaders.

Cultural Understanding

Cultural understanding is indispensable to be actors in global market, to cope with peoples from various cultural background. Understanding cultural identity of yourself will be also necessary. In the courses to understand cultures of Asia, West, and Japan, we will focus on the following elements of each culture: to experience the real cultural life including tea ceremony or flower arrangement (Japan), to realize ideas as Christianity and Greek / Roman philosophy in the background (West), and to have wider perspective as Indian and Islamic feature in addition to Chinese (Asia).

Global Literacy and Communication Skills

To deploy the market for “Monozukuri” in the global world, industries must posess advanced technology, i.e., the “hardware” vital to produce globally competitive engineering products. Furthermore, it also needs “software”, i.e., knowledge and skills related to areas such as intellectual property rights and marketing. While it is necessary to build up competencies in each respective field, leaders must also develop people's skill to work with others in different professions or in different cultures in order to solve problems and drive progress.
A diverse set of coursework has been designed to train participants to gain the skillset needed to become global leaders. The coursework includes: lecture courses on global business development, courses designed to raise the cultural enrichment, to nurture communication skills and to master the art of constructive debates and discussions.

Career Coordination

Business Capacity Development Center, Nagoya University, will offer lectures on coordinating career path for yourself.