Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Nagoya University
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Program for Leading Graduate Schools: PhD Professional: Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia, Raising Leaders to Explore New Horizons

Gateway to Success

Career Development Project: Gateway to Success

Program participants are expected to develop the competencies required to solve problems within collaborative frameworks incorporating diverse players. For this objective, participants are to plan and to operate a ten-day-long retreat to learn how to work with others and to undertake instruction in practical problem-solving from “expert” mentors.
Participants will also take part in study and surveys in topics other than their own specialization, under the supervision of “young” mentors from different fields. These experiences will allow participants to develop appropriate skillset and master methodologies required to work in unfamiliar fields and on unfamiliar problems.
The “Gateway to Success” career-development project is the culmination of all these trainings. Furthermore, the project will reflect upon suggestions from participants, and will run from problem identification through anticipation and subsequent resolution of issues, in an “on the job” context. Projects, some of which will be run in groups, will include month-long study periods in overseas universities and research institutes and internships at private companies, government agencies and media outlets.