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Program for Leading Graduate Schools: PhD Professional: Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia, Raising Leaders to Explore New Horizons

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4th Global Business Lecture (Feb 6 14:30- )


Under the support of Tokai Tokyo Foundation, Nagoya University Program for Leading Graduate Schools, "PhD professional", offer a series of lectures on international affairs as opportunities to provide deep understanding and accurate knowledge about international situations to citizens and students by inviting experts and professionals from both within and outside Japan.
In the 4th lecturer, Mr. Jun Suzuki (President and CEO, Teijin Limited) will lecture you about required abilities for successful global human resources in global and the latest business information nowadays.

Date: February 6 (Wed), 2019 14:30-16:00
Lecturer: Mr. Jun Suzuki (President and CEO, Teijin Limited)
Lecture title: Untiring revolutions and challenges
Venue: Noyori Materials Science Laboratory, lecture hall (2F)
Language: Japanese()
Registration: Please make registration at reception on the day. (Pre-registration is not required) 

Organized by Nagoya University PhD Professional
Co-organized by Nagoya University Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Graduate School of Informatics
Sponsored by Tokai Tokyo Foundation

Please see the flyer below for details. 

4th Global Business Lecture

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