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16th Global Lectures on International Affairs (Dec. 15th 13:30-)


Under the support of Tokai Tokyo Foundation, Nagoya University Program for Leading Graduate Schools, "PhD professional", offer a series of lectures on international affairs as opportunities to provide deep understanding and accurate knowledge about international situations to citizens and students by inviting experts and professionals from both within and outside Japan.
The 16th lecturer is Mr. Yukiya Saito, councilor of international development department, The Japanese Red Cross Society.  During the lecture, he will provide an opportunity to think about similarities and differences between humanitarian aids and the human security by explaining humanity issues in current situations and how humanitarian assistants are delivered in the real world.

Date: December 15 (Fri) 13:30~15:00
Lecturer: Mr. Yukiya Saito
               Councilor of international development department, The Japanese Red Cross Society
Lecture title: Humanitarian Aid and Human Security
Venue: Idea Stoa, National Innovation Complex (NIC) (1F)
Language: Japanese
Registration: Please make registration at reception on the day. (Pre-registration is not required)

Organized by Nagoya University PhD Professional
Sponsored by Tokai Tokyo Foundation

Please see the flyer below for details.

16th Global Lecture on International Affairs

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