Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Nagoya University
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Program for Leading Graduate Schools: PhD Professional: Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia, Raising Leaders to Explore New Horizons


Managing Director Seiichi Matsuo, President

Planning Committee Members

Education Program: Jiro Nemoto, Professor, Graduate School of Economics
Nemoto.png Member, Education and Research Council (Nagoya University).
Program Advisor: Naoshi Sugiyama, Professor, Graduate School of Science
Sugiyama.png Provost (Nagoya University). Winner of the Astronomical Society of Japan’s Hayashi Chushiro Prize and the JSPS Prize for his work in theoretical astrophysics, specifically the elucidation of the physical processes of cosmic microwave background radiation. Member of the Science Council of Japan.
Industrial Relations: Akira Fujimaki, Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Fujimaki.png Vice President (Nagoya University).
International Relations: Manabu Matsunaka, Professor, Graduate School of Law