Program for Leading Graduate Schools, Nagoya University
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Program for Leading Graduate Schools: PhD Professional: Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia, Raising Leaders to Explore New Horizons


Young Mentorship

For each student, young professors with different specialized fields are assigned as “Young Mentors.” Through continuous contacts with their students, mentors aim not only to be a guide for acquisition of students’ research ability, but also to supervise research of their own specialized fields and encourage students to acquire understanding of different fields. Students are required to report the outcomes in the presentation at the end of academic year. Since different mentors will be assigned every year, students are able to acquire understanding of many adjacent fields along to their own interest.

Business Mentorship

In cooperation with companies, governmental agencies and NGOs, business persons are invited as “Business Mentors”. Based on their practical experience and knowledge, mentors will share realties of global economy and nature that is required to play an active part in society. In the course of proceeding design of capabilities acquisition and career path by the advice of mentors, students could build a clearer vision for the future. Coordination towards Career Creation Project, “Gateway to Success” will be also promoted through this process.